Special Events News – 26 April 2020

| April 24, 2020

Peter, G4XEX will be active as GB4SAH for Stay At Home until 30 April to help amateurs pass the time during the lockdown.

Euan, MM0VIK is active as GB1COR from his home QTH in the Shetland Islands, EU-012, until the end of April in recognition and support for the health professionals and essential key workers during the coronavirus emergency. QSL cards will not be available for this special call sign.

The RAF Amateur Radio Society will be activating the special event GB75VED from 1 to 28 May from members’ homes. On 2 May, Reg, G8VHI will operate mostly on 6 and 2m as well as 70cm from Nuneaton using FM, SSB and maybe digital modes—details at rafars.org and QRZ.com.

SOS Radio Week will go ahead from 0000UTC on 1 May and concludes at 2359UTC on 31 May. During that period participants should make as many contacts as possible with stations at home and around the world. For further details, and to register, please visit sosradioweek.org.uk.

The Hungarian Radio Amateur Society, MRASZ, will hold a special radio activity for the period during the COVID-19 virus threat. Their aim is to raise awareness of the threat of the epidemic and to promote the importance of staying at home. Look for the following five stations, of which the last two letters add up the words STAY AT HOME: HG20ST, HG20AY, HG20AT, HG20HO and HG20ME. Each station must be contacted in two different modes on any band to qualify for a downloadable commemorative award. The activity ends on 15 May at 2359UTC—details at mrasz.org.

Several Brazilian amateurs are using the special event callsign ZW8THANKS as a tribute to health care professionals fighting COVID-19. Activity will be on all bands and modes, including the satellites. QSL direct, eQSL or Logbook of The World.

Tokyo-based 7-CALL Amateur Radio Club will operate 8J17CALL for a year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Japanese 7-call (eg 7K1AAA). More information can be found at 7-call.com. We apologise for an earlier version of this news item that incorrectly stated it was the club’s 30th anniversary.

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