Special Event News – 13 May 2018

| May 11, 2018

Many stations are on the air for some or all of RNLI SOS month. Details of all registered stations are online at sosradioweek.org.uk and there are free awards available for working or even just hearing them.

This weekend is Mills on the Air and many special event stations are active. As mentioned last week, the May RadCom contains a list of some of the call signs to listen out for.

If you apply for a special event Notice of Variation from Ofcom, please remember to tick both boxes that ask about publicity, otherwise the RSGB won’t be told about your event and thus we can’t promote it for you.

Next weekend will see a raft of special call signs on the air to celebrate the Royal Wedding between HRH Prince Harry and Ms Megan Markle. Cray Valley Radio Society lead the pack with GR9RW, believed to be the first-ever use of the GR9 prefix. Operation will be from the 19th to the 23rd, on HF to UHF.

A reminder that all UK radio amateurs—Foundation, Intermediate and Full—are entitled to apply for a Notice of Variation to change their Regional Secondary Locator to ‘R’ between 19 and 21 May. Please note that you MUST apply for the NoV, which is free, via rsgb.org/rwrsl before going on the air with the ‘R’. For example, 2W1xxx would be able to sign 2R1xxx and M6xxx would be MR6xxx. This very rare prefix is likely to be in very high demand from stations around the world, so get your NoV as soon as you can and prepare for the DX to start calling you next weekend.

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