Special Event News – 4 March 2018

| March 2, 2018

EI50AOM will be on the air throughout March to remember the 61 lives lost after the crash of an Aer Lingus Viscount airliner in the Irish Sea 50 years ago. QSL via EI2KA, direct with $2 and self-addressed envelope, or via the bureau. The log will be uploaded periodically to Logbook of The World for non-paper confirmations.

II4CAO will be on the air during March to commemorate the Italian scientist Temistocle Calzecchi Onesti. He demonstrated in experiments in 1884 through 1886 that iron filings contained in an insulating tube will conduct an electric current under the action of an electromagnetic wave. Further details and award regulations at www.arifidenza.it.

Category: GB2RS Special Events