Special Event News – 20 March 2016

| March 18, 2016

Between 26 March and 22 April, Harlow and District Amateur Radio Society will be activating GB0HAF from Hunsdon Airfield for RAFARS Airfields on the Air. Operation will be on HF and 2m and on various days. More details available on qrz.com or from Colin, by email to g0mgu@hotmail.co.uk

Special event stations in Russia will be on the air until 16 June as part of the international scientific-educational radio marathon called Inventors of Telecommunications, established by the Russian Geographical Society and supported by radio clubs and individual operators. There will be awards and certificates. Each RT73-prefix station represents a historical figure in the area of telecommunications or electronics. For example, RT73BA represents Alexander Graham Bell, RT73EA represents Edwin Howard Armstrong and RT73NT represents Nikola Tesla.

Category: GB2RS Special Events