Commonwealth Contest questionnaire

| May 10, 2024

Since the RSGB Commonwealth Contest in March 2024, a small group—including representatives from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK—has been discussing possible changes that might be made to encourage more participation in the contest in future years.

The reason for these discussions was to consider some suggestions from the RSGB HF Contest Committee, but many additional ideas were also considered, from which we have chosen the most popular to ask for wider consideration.

Although we are confident that the contest will be viable in its present form for some time, we are concerned that we have fewer Commonwealth participants outside the more highly represented countries, and we recognise that some change may be appropriate to freshen up the contest.

We are now very keen to hear from regular entrants, and also from those who have never entered but might consider doing so in the future.

Please complete this questionnaire so we can find out your contribution to the discussion.

We will use the outcomes of the survey to inform the international discussion.

The questionnaire is open until Monday, 20 May 2024.

Nick Totterdell, G4FAL
RSGB HF Contest Committee Chair

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