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| March 28, 2024

Are you aged 18 to 30? Are you passionate about all things radio? Are you ready for exciting experiences, making new friends and shaping the future of amateur radio? Why not apply to be part of the RSGB YOTA team going to the YOTA Czechia summer camp this year? You can find out more on the RSGB website  You’ll be able to read about the experiences of previous teams and download an application form for the Czechia event. The closing date for applications is the 15 April for the Team Leader and the 22 April for Team Members.

The March 2024 edition of RadCom Basics is now available on the RSGB website for members to read. RadCom Basics is aimed at new licensees or anyone who enjoys reading about the fundamental principles behind the many facets of amateur radio. This edition includes articles which cover: the checking and testing of components; working on the 160 and 80m bands with limited space; the importance of antenna radials; what it’s like to take up portable operating; and a guide to clean transmissions. To read RadCom Basics visit the website

At its recent meeting, the CEPT Frequency Management Working Group confirmed that Barry Lewis, G4SJH, in his IARU role, would continue as Chair for a further three-year period, having first been appointed in 2019. The meeting also noted updates to T/R 61-01 that facilitates the temporary operation in a fellow member’s country, for Georgia joining the scheme, as well as editorial changes to accommodate Australian licence changes and Canadian provincial prefixes. Barry has also continued his work in CEPT on the 23cm band, following the outcomes from WRC-23. IARU and RSGB volunteers are also starting ITU WRC-27 preparations, where further bands and topics are of concern to amateur radio.

Please note that RSGB HQ will be closed for the Bank Holiday on Monday, 1 April 2024. Please continue to send all of your news and updates to  The deadline for the GB2RS News is 10am on Thursday before the Sunday broadcast.

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