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| December 1, 2023

The latest RSGB 2023 Convention video to be released is three presentations in one, on the topic of the 23cm band. Barry Lewis, G4SJH talks about amateur and RNSS coexistence in the 23cm band, then John Worsnop, G4BAO considers how the possible RNSS changes will affect narrow band DX and Earth Moon Earth operation. Finally, Dave Crump, G8GKQ looks at the future of ATV on the 23cm band. These presentations were given before the WRC23 conference, and final arrangements will depend on the WRC23 outcome. You can watch the presentation on the RSGB YouTube channel here

The last of the RSGB’s Tonight@8 webinars for 2023 is on Monday 11 December. It focuses on amateur radio construction and the RSGB Construction Competition. Jenny Curtis M7JNY, Colin Murray GM4EAU, and David Law G0LBK will talk about the projects they worked on and why they decided to submit them to the RSGB Construction Competition in recent years. If you’re interested in trying something new, or are wondering whether to submit your construction project to the RSGB competition, this webinar is for you! Watch live on the RSGB YouTube channel or special BATC channel and ask questions via the live chat. To find out more go to the RSGB website

The RSGB Emerging Technology Coordination Committee members will be taking a break from processing Notices of Variation and enquiries from the 20 December until the 3 January. They will reply to emails after that but please be patient as they work through any backlog.

When G-QRP Club Secretary Dick, G0BPS, heard about the Radio Communications Foundation initiative to pay for 60 RSGB Foundation exams taken by young people in full-time education, he asked if the Club could help out. The Club Committee, minus Chairman Steve G0FUW, who is also an RCF Trustee, agreed to sponsor an additional ten exams. The RCF now has the funds and awaits applications from young people who would benefit from a little help in getting started in amateur radio. The G-QRP Club is devoted to low power communications and has over 4,000 members, mostly in the UK, but also in pretty much every corner of the world. Further information can be found at

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