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| March 24, 2023

A group of radio amateurs in Jersey will be using special event callsign GB3KCJ as part of the Coronation celebrations. An opportunity exists for groups in each of the UK nations who have a regional secondary locator, and the Crown Dependencies, to apply for similar special event callsigns. Applications for special event callsigns can be made, as usual, through the Ofcom web portal. Using the same format as the Jersey special event station callsign, applicants might consider the following if they are available: Scotland: GB3KCM; Wales: GB3KCW; Northern Ireland: GB3KCI; Guernsey: GB3KCU; and the Isle of Man: GB3KCD.

The RSGB’s Tonight @ 8 summer programme begins on Monday, 15 May 2023 when Jack Purdum, W8TEE and Al Peter, AC8GY present The T41-EP ALPS: A High-Performance CW Decoder. Jack and Al collaborated to build the T41-EP, a seven-band, 20W, CW/SSB SDR transceiver but this presentation is chiefly about how they developed the high-performance CW decoder. The two were awarded the RSGB’s Bennett Prize in 2021 for their Double-Double Magnetic Loop antenna article in the February 2020 issue of RadCom. Full details of all the webinars in the summer programme are on the RSGB website at—there are some great topics, so take a look and put the dates in your diary!

If you are an RSGB Member who is interested in online webinars and events, don’t miss out! Log into your RSGB Members’ portal at, then choose the preferences tab and click the online events option. The RSGB will be using this mailing list in future to send out details of forthcoming online events; for example the packed programme of Tonight @ 8 live webinars that are booked until July 2023.

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