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| August 26, 2022

NASA is well known for communicating with astronauts on space missions, but radio amateurs may also contact NASA centres around the world. Until the end of 2022, NASA will mark several past and present-day key milestones. NASA amateur radio clubs at the agency’s centres and support facilities across the United States plan to participate with NASA on the Air special event stations. Look out for events to celebrate the Artemis launch over the next few days. The 22 September 2022 is National Astronomy Day and special event stations will be on the air for that too. To learn more about NASA on the Air events, go to the NASA on the Air website.

The cross-band voice repeater and the APRS node aboard the International Space Station (ISS) can now be used simultaneously. The FM repeater uplink is on 145.990MHz and a 67Hz PL tone is needed to activate the downlink transmitter on 437.800MHz. APRS and packet mode uses 145.825MHz for uplink and downlink. The Columbus module radio uses the callsign NA1SS and the new service module radio uses the callsign RS0ISS. Both radios are expected to be operational at all times, except during school contacts, spacewalks and docking manoeuvres. The operational state of the ISS ham-radio station can be found on the ARISS website

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