Film-maker seeks funding

| February 19, 2021

‘Through The Waves’ is looking to raise funding to film the untold story of Artie Moore. He was young man from Pontllanfraith who, in 1912, received the distress call from the sinking Titanic. At over 3,000 miles, it was the furthest any radio signal in the world had been received. The filmmakers, directed by Ben Roberts, plan to tell the story in this 10-minute dramatisation. They’ve already signed BAFTA-Award Winning Jack Parry-Jones to play Arthur Moore, and Gareth John Bale to play Artie’s father, William Moore. The funding raised will go towards paying the professional crew and actors on board, and will allow the team to afford the authenticity involved in recreating his early 1900s attic. It’s from there Artie would often receive Morse Code messages from cargo ships off the coast of Newport. Go to and search for Artie Moore Film, it’s the first entry.

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