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| December 4, 2020

Listen out for Youngsters On The Air stations around the world. GB20YOTA will be operating throughout December. G8IXK will operate the station today, the 6th; then M0WJE on Monday. Tuesday sees the callsign under G4DJX’s guidance with M0NCG taking over on Wednesday. M0MUX will be operating on Friday and then M0SDV takes over for the whole weekend. The calendar is shown on the GB20YOTA page on To reserve an operating slot, contact Jamie, M0SDV via email to

HamSCI is looking for amateur radio operators around the world to help collect propagation data during the December 14 eclipse across South America. Data collection requires an HF radio connected to a computer. The main data recording will run from December 9-16, to ensure an abundance of control data. Details of the experiment may be found at

As a result of the prevailing Covid-19 restrictions, the traditional Christmas Eve transmission from SAQ on 17.2kHz is cancelled. Information on this historic transmitter can be found at

The next RSGB Tonight @ 8 webinar is on Monday the 7th of December and is called “What next?”. Jonathan Mitchener, G0DVJ will give a jargon-free, wide-ranging talk about where amateur radio can take you, whether you are new to the hobby or returning after a gap. For further information about this and previous webinars, see

Having reported on the decommissioning of the Arecibo Observatory dish, the entire 900-ton instrument platform of the 305-metre radio telescope fell some 120 metres last Tuesday morning, crashing into the huge, already-damaged dish below. The platform collapsed due to the extra stress on the existing cables because of the main cable failure in November. The concrete cable support towers were also badly damaged. No injuries were reported.

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