New field strength licence condition proposed by Ofcom

| October 9, 2020

Ofcom received 400 responses to their EMF consultation, 255 of which were from radio amateurs.

Ofcom has addressed some respondent’s concerns, revised their proposals, and requested feedback.

The RSGB will reply to Ofcom’s revised proposals and keep you updated on

Ofcom intends to add a condition to all licences that allow more than 10W EIRP, requiring compliance with the ICNIRP general public limits on EMF exposure.

Ofcom has provided a basic EMF calculator that will provide a conservative estimate of the required separation distances between the radio equipment and the public.

RSGB and ARRL experts are working on detailed modelling of near-field EMF levels to demonstrate compliance where the Ofcom calculator is too conservative.

Our aim is that Ofcom will approve such an approach.

The RSGB is continuing discussions with Ofcom about the new condition, including what amateurs will actually be expected to do to operate safely within ICNIRP reference levels, and any need for extra advice and training.

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