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| August 28, 2020

Fred, M3CTW will celebrate his 100th birthday on 1 September 2020 and we wish him many happy returns. He is still active on the air and a recent contact told us that Fred speaks with the fluency of a much younger person and operates his radio in an excellent manner.

The media is still interested in the continuing growth of amateur radio and the RSGB is enjoying sharing stories with them, such as the interview with 10-year-old William, M7WHB, that was featured in the i newspaper. The Society has also collected some great descriptions from new licensees who tell us why they are interested in amateur radio and what they’re keen to discover within the hobby. You can read all of these at

The G5RP Trophy is an annual award to encourage any RSGB Member who has recently discovered and made significant progress in HF DXing. If you are an established HF DXer and want to recommend some one to be awarded the G5RP Trophy for 2020, send your nominations to Ian Greenshields, G4FSU by email to, to arrive no later than 25 September 2020.

The GQRP Club has released a detailed agenda for its online 2020 convention, which takes place on Saturday, the 5th, and Sunday, 6 September 2020. Details of the agenda and how to sign up can be found at

The RSGB 2020 Construction Competition is open for entries. There are four categories, including one specifically for people who are new to amateur radio. The deadline for entries is 25 September 2020. For more details—including how to enter—see

International Air Ambulance Week will take place between 5 and 13 September 2020. It covers two weekends, giving amateurs a great chance to get involved and support the event. A free series of awards will be available for those who support the event. Go to

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