200,000 downloads for GB2RS Podcast

| August 28, 2020

As the GB2RS Podcast approaches 200,000 downloads, two additional ways to receive the podcast have been added.

Amazon Podcasts and Audible will carry the RSGB broadcast each week in addition to Apple, Bluberry, Stitcher and others who have been carrying the program for some time.

A podcast is a short audio program that can be heard on a PC, smartphone or home audio device.

It provides a way to publicise UK amateur radio even when listeners are out of range of the HF and VHF news readers.

The GB2RS Podcast has been read by Jeremy, G4NJH, for over 12 years.

See rsgb.org/main/gb2rs/gb2rs-podcast for details.

ERRATA. When this article was released on 28 August 2020, we erroneously reported the GB2RS PodCast was approaching 20,000 downloads, it’s actually 200,000 downloads. Our apologies to all those involved in this highly successful method of distributing GB2RS

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