Last chance to respond – Ofcom EMF consultation

| June 5, 2020

Now is the last chance to submit your response to the Ofcom consultation on exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) to meet the closing date of 12 June 2020.

The RSGB’s own response to the Ofcom consultation has been added ahead of this deadline to the EMF page at

In summary, the RSGB appreciates the need for the ICNIRP guidelines but cannot support the proposals from Ofcom that are onerous.

It is felt that the proposals could result in double regulation and are not proportionate to the risk.

Instead, the RSGB recommends a more appropriate change to the existing amateur licence conditions referencing the 2020 ICNIRP guidelines.

The RSGB will also prepare its own guidance and training to help amateurs follow these ICNIRP guidelines.

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