Repeater, gateway and beacon NoV renewals

| February 21, 2020

The RSGB would like to remind all holders of Notices of Variation for repeaters, gateways and beacons to ensure their contact details are up to date.

The three year renewal season is under way and there are a number of keepers who have changed their email address, etc. and are not getting the reminders.

It is illegal to operate any such service without a currently valid NoV and they should be closed down if it expires.

You can apply for an access code to change your details via

Please note that renewals also require sight of your personal licence document, renewed within the last five years, to demonstrate you are still eligible to hold an NoV.

You must renew with Ofcom at least every five years and ETCC need proof that you have done so.

Currently, the Ofcom system will only change the issue date on the licence if you amend some detail.

A simple solution to this is to add a space at the end of the first line of your address.

This will generate a licence with a new issue date.

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