WRC-19: request to support 50MHz

| August 2, 2019

As the run-up to WRC-19 gathers pace, the UK Six Metre Group has also written to Ofcom in support of a positive approach to Agenda Item 1.1 concerning the future of the 50MHz band in ITU Region 1.

At present, harmonisation and activity is impeded by the lack of a formal 50MHz ITU Region 1 amateur allocation.

Whilst seeking positive UK support for the agenda item that is at the final preparation stage in CEPT, the UK Six Metre Group also expressed concern at recent proposals by some countries to cut the entire band down to just 200kHz wide.

The RSGB welcomes the latest submission and is also continuing its own efforts to promote and defend amateur bands at 50MHz, 144MHz and 1296MHz, amongst others that are in scope of the various WRC-19/23 proposals.

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