RSGB ARDF Championships next weekend

| April 26, 2019

The first Bank Holiday weekend sees the annual three day RSGB ARDF Championships taking place in the Thames Valley.

The areas chosen are Christmas Common near Wendover, Whiteleaf near Princes Risborough and Hodgmoor Woods near Amersham.

At this time of the year the forests in this country are at their best.

The weather is reasonably warm and the nettles, brambles and bracken are not yet fully developed.

We are welcoming small groups from Romania and the Czech Republic this year, to add an international flavour to the weekend.

The competitions will comprise ‘classic’ ARDF events on 144MHz and 3.5MHz on two of the days with the final day devoted to the two ‘short format’ variants.

These both use the 3.5MHz band and are FoxOring where the location of each transmitter is marked by a circle on the map.

The transmitter is extremely low power—typically 30 milliwatts—which is only audible when the competitor gets close to the circle.

DF is then used to actually find it either inside or close by the circle.

The second is a sprint race with a total of 10 3.5MHz transmitters operating on two frequencies—five transmitters on each frequency.

The top competitors will be coming back in about 20 minutes having located all 10 transmitters.

Needless to say the transmitters are quite close to each other.

More information is available on the ARDF pages of the RSGB website and late entries are possible.

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