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| July 27, 2018

As a result of work by the RSGB Emerging Technology Coordination Committee, in July Ofcom cleared two 23cm ATV repeaters for operation. GB3EY in Hull and GB3FT in Blackpool have received their NoVs. These are the first 23cm units to be cleared for several years. Separately, 23cm TV repeater GB3YT, or Yorkshire Television, is now back on the air following an extensive update of equipment. It has inputs on 70cm digital plus 23cm digital and analogue. You can find details of these—and all other UK repeaters—on the ETCC website.

The RSGB presently has several important volunteer vacancies. Candidates must be an RSGB member, be willing to agree to observe the Society’s Code of Conduct and Ethos and support the Society’s strategies. We can only give brief details of each vacancy in this broadcast but there are more details at or on request, and full details will appear in the September RadCom.

The RSGB has over 30 affiliated national clubs and societies and we have recognised the need for an Honorary Officer to act as a champion for these groups, and to develop a closer relationship to support them and the amateurs they represent. This position is offered for an initial period of up to three years. For more details please see or contact Len Paget, GM0ONX, on 01563 534 383 or via email to

The Operating Advisory Service, OAS, is the RSGB’s new advisory and reporting service. It replaces the Amateur Radio Observation Service, AROS. RSGB needs an Honorary Officer, who will be known as the Operating Advisory Service Coordinator. They will coordinate this service, including recruiting and training a team of volunteer Regional Operating Advisers. The role requires patience and tact, good communication skills and a willingness to help create and continue to improve this new service.

In support of the Operating Advisory Service Coordinator the RSGB is also seeking Operating Advisory Service Regional Operating Advisers from around the country. There will be notionally one per RSGB Region, and they will be the first point of contact to provide advice for the Regional Team. They will be proactive in disseminating advice through clubs, repeater groups and events where radio amateurs may be found. The Regional Operating Advisers will be supported by, among other things, an email group to help develop best practice and common presentation materials. To find out more about either of the OAS roles, please see or contact RSGB Board Director Philip Willis, M0PHI, via email to

British Inland Waterways on the Air takes place 25 to 27 August, the Bank Holiday weekend. It is open to all amateurs that use tow paths, rivers, lakes or reservoirs that are used for recreation. For more details see

Finally, the RSGB offers its congratulations to Radio Communications Foundation scholar Luke Andrews, who is now M0LLX. Luke passed all three exams since being selected as an Arkwright Scholar, and gaining sponsorship from the RCF. The RCF Trustees are grateful to Martin Atherton, G3ZAY, and the Cambridge University Wireless Society for their support.

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