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| April 27, 2018

Illness of a key RSGB staff member means that it has not been possible to prepare Regional News again this week, for which we apologise. We hope to be able to present Regional News again next week. Details of many club events can be found in the April and May editions of RadCom, and the listing at

The RSGB received one nomination for President and so is pleased to announce that Dave Wilson, M0OBW has been duly elected as RSGB President until the 2020 AGM. The Society would like to place on record its thanks to Nick Henwood G3RWF for the excellent work he has done during his term as President. Dave’s term of office will start on 12 May 2018.

The WIA Annual Radio and Electronics Convention will be held on the 18 to the 20 May—for information about the programme see

RSGB club insurance and beacon and repeater insurance has now been renewed for the year to April 2019. Club insurance certificates can be downloaded from the RSGB website; please use your Membership Services login to obtain a copy of your certificate. Beacon and repeater insurance remains at £10 and you may renew on the RSGB shop. Please allow a couple of days after renewal for your certificate to be dispatched.


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