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| December 1, 2017

The RSGB Youth Committee is delighted to have the call sign MX0RYC re-allocated by Ofcom. This call sign was used during the youth DXpedition in Wales in 2015. It will be used by the Youth Committee for our outreach activities. You can follow what they do on twitter @theRSGByouth.

Special event station GB17YOTA is on the air for Youngsters on the Air month. This call sign will be aired by clubs up and down the country during the month of December. This Sunday, the 3rd, sees the Wessex Contest Group operating the call. On Tuesday, Carrickfergus ARG take over, then Southampton University Wireless Society on Wednesday. Chertsey Radio Club will working with 6th Staines Scout Group on Thursday and this will ensure that any one who missed JOTA last week will have a chance to go on air and complete their communicators badges. On Friday, the callsign transfers to Hilderstone Radio Club. Over the weekend Worksop ARS will operate on Saturday and Mid-Ulster ARC next Sunday. A list of activations can be found on page 8 of the December edition of RadCom.

Hull is now in its final month as UK City of Culture. Humber Fortress DX ARC has held the NoV GB0HCC for most of the year, with Hull and District ARS also helping out. They have worked most continents during the year. The next UK City of Culture will be announced next month and they would encourage the radio clubs in the chosen city to join forces and make it a year to remember. If any one would like more information about how they set the event up, please email john.cunliffe@hfdxarc. Those involved would like to thank Ofcom for extending the GB0HCC NoV throughout 2018 to be operated by Humber Fortress DX ARC on club nights.

Long-standing RSGB QSL Bureau member Lynne Constantine, G6CQG, passed away last week after a long illness. The Bureau says the final round of deliveries for 2017 to some sub-groups may be delayed as a result.

With the successful completion of the Canada C3 Expedition via the Northwest Passage, which culminated with the arrival of the Polar Prince in Victoria, British Columbia, the CG3EXP special event call sign has been retired. The Polar Prince will continue to carry an Ultimate 3 WSPR beacon as the ship returns to the East Coast via the Panama Canal. The vessel’s WSPR system will identify as VE0EXP. The CG3EXP WSPR beacon transmitted on 20, 30, and 40 metres. Any one with an HF receiver and the free WSPR application may be able to receive the VE0EXP signal and track the vessel’s location on WSPRnet.

The RSGB’s Emerging Technology Coordination Committee develops and enhances the UK amateur radio repeater and data communications systems and promotes the introduction and rollout of appropriate new technologies. This committee performs a key role in the enjoyment of amateur radio by large numbers of RSGB Members. After many years of service to the society as the Chair of the ETCC, John McCullagh, GI4BWM, has decided that it is now time to retire from this role. The position of Chair of the ETCC Committee is offered for an initial period of up to three years. RSGB Members who wish to be considered for appointment to this important role should write to RSGB General Manager Steve Thomas, M1ACB, via email to providing details of their amateur radio and other relevant experience.

The RSGB has just released three more RSGB Convention 2017 lectures that link with the Strategy. You’ll find them all at Board Director Steve Hartley, G0FUW explains more about the Strategy itself, President Nick Henwood, G3RWF gives a progress report on the Breaking the Mould—Clubs and Groups for the 21st Century project and Youth Committee Deputy Chair Milo Noblet, M0ILO summarises the successful YOTA 2017 event and a brief look at how we will be building on it.

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