Aeronautical Mobile circumnavigation begins

| June 2, 2017

On the 1st of June Brian Lloyd, WB6RQN left from Miami to recreate Amelia Earhart’s around-the-world flight on its 80th anniversary. He will be using HF SSB and automatic link establishment, ALE, from his single-engine plane named Spirit. He is communicating /AM while flying. The two month flight will follow Earhart’s historic route to circumnavigate the world at the equator. Using the callsign WB6RQN/AM while aeronautical mobile, he will operate on 14210.0kHz USB, 14346.0kHz USB, 18117.5kHz USB, or 7130.0 Hz LSB. His HF radio is a Mobat Micom-3 transceiver, with a maximum power of 125 watts. The antenna is under the fuselage. Brian Lloyd’s radio schedule is posted on the project’s website

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