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| March 31, 2017

US amateurs will get two new bands in the near future. On 28 March 2017, the FCC adopted rules that will allow secondary amateur radio access to 472 to 479kHz and to 135.7 to 137.8kHz. The new rules become effective 30 days after publication in The Federal Register. More information is on the ARRL website.

The RSGB Board recently received a number of reports that postings to the Have Your Say web page were not being answered and tasked the Board Chair with investigating the position. A technical problem was identified that may mean a number of HYS messages weren’t received and, therefore, weren’t answered. However, we are only aware of one message specifically that didn’t get a response. The technical problem has now been fixed. The Board would like to thank those who drew attention to this issue and trust that the actions taken will show that they listen and act when matters are made known.

In order to try to meet the 2015 Presidential Review aim of reducing geographical and other disadvantages, the B2 contest scoring method was introduced on a trial basis for RSGB VHF contests throughout 2017. Arrangements are now being made to start to review B2 use, based on scores during the first four months of the year—details of how this will happen and the proposed wider consultation.

The 90th RSGB AGM will be held at the Angel Hotel, Castle St, Cardiff CF10 1SZ on Saturday, 22 April 2017, commencing at 12 noon. Details of those standing for elections, the accounts and the Minutes of the 2016 AGM appear in the April RadCom. Votes must be received by the ERS before 12 noon on Thursday 20 April 2017, as described in RadCom. AGM registrations are going well; lunch will be provided free of charge for Members who notify their attendance in advance using the form at

The group will be will be coordinating a kit building and Micro:Bit computing showcase at the Braehead Arena, Glasgow G51 4BN on Sunday, 7 May. The group is being supported by the Radio Society of Great Britain and the Micro:Bit Educational Foundation. Radio amateurs, electronics enthusiasts or fans of the BBC Micro:Bit are invited to join the volunteer team. You will help guide a young person to successfully complete their electronic project in about an hour. Please register your initial interest at

This year’s Mills on the Air event takes place on 13 and 14 May. There is an award available for working the various special event stations. Please do remember to register at or

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