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| March 10, 2017

The next episode of the UK’s only TV show dedicated to all things radio, TX Factor, is released on 17 March. Go to for details. TX Factor is sponsored by the RSGB and Martin Lynch & Sons. In amongst the item on Episode 15, Bob discovers the fun to be had remotely controlling his Icom IC-7300 over the internet using Icom’s proprietary software interface and shows you how to set it up. The IC-7300 was reviewed in the August 2016 RadCom. Mike and Bob meet two youngsters who are passionate about amateur radio and find out how they are making more people, both young and old, aware of the delights of our hobby. TX Factor is available to stream to your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

With the significant increase in numbers of 70cm digital voice repeaters that have inputs at the low end of the band, the ETCC have been reminded to highlight the power restrictions that apply to 430-432MHz. The maximum peak envelope power in this part of the band is 40W effective radiated power for Full and Intermediate Licensees and 10W ERP for Foundation licensees. Given that many modern mobiles can run 50W or more to high gain collinear aerials it is very easy to exceed these levels so please take care to keep your power to the minimum required and certainly never above the limits mandated in your licence.

The talk Being the DX, QRP by Dominic Baines, M1KTA is the latest 2016 RSGB Convention lecture available for members to view via the new video portal at It joins Contesting from VY2ZM on Prince Edward Island by Jeff Briggs, VY2ZM; Developments in IOTA, update on electronic QSLing and the future by Roger Ballister, G3KMA and Advances in amateur television by Noel Matthews, G8GTZ.

Following a request from the RSGB, Ofcom has kindly agreed an increased power level of 50 watts ERP for new 146-147MHz Notice of Variation applications. The band is only available to holders of a Full Licence and all other NoV terms remain unchanged, including antenna height and geographical restrictions. New applicants or existing NoV holders can use the online application system at to get the new NoV free of charge.

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