GB3UHF now live

| June 17, 2016

New 70cm beacon GB3UHF went on the air on Wednesday, 15 June.

It is located at the same site as its sister beacon, GB3VHF, at BT Fairseat in Kent, JO01EH.

It uses the same type of three element Yagi antennas pointing in the same directions as those used on GB3VHF and radiates a similar ERP.

It will be very useful to determine the propagation characteristics of VHF and UHF simultaneously.

The keying format follows closely to that used by GB3VHF.

The support from BT for scientific and VHF/UHF propagation research in this field is very much appreciated.

Full details of the new GB3UHF beacon, which operates on 432.430MHz, can be found at and reports to the Keeper, G0FDZ, will be most welcome.

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