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| January 15, 2016

The 2015 Christmas Eve transmission from SAQ, the Alexanderson alternator station at the World Heritage Grimeton site in Sweden, brought more than 350 reports, according to a preliminary accounting, many of them from amateurs. SAQ transmitted on its standard frequency, 17.2kHz. The majority of reports came from Europe, with nearly 160 from Germany.

The RSGB Promotion Group, working with the Inspire initiative, has developed a resource pack to assist clubs that are considering or planning to stage public demonstrations of amateur radio. The pack provides material and links to existing good practice in all the areas that a club needs to address. All clubs are encouraged to use this resource to share what they do with others. From Tuesday, 19 January the pack will be on the RSGB Club Membership Services portal at

The February/March 2016 edition of RadCom Basics will be emailed out to subscribers on Tuesday, 2 February so there’s plenty of time for new readers to sign up. It will contain features on making the most of tropospheric lifts on 2m, homemade coaxial traps for antennas, taking part in the Commonwealth Contest on 12-13 March and making a 2m Slim Jim antenna with 300 ohm ribbon cable.

Tom Wylie, GM4FDM wishes to step down as submanager for the GM4 to GM8 series of call signs sometime during 2016 and we are now seeking his replacement. Ideally this should be another active GM with time and space to handle 20,000-25,000 cards per year and who has email and basic spreadsheet skills. Tom reports a higher than average rate of non–collection in this call range, so a proactive volunteer with organisational, time and people skills would be an advantage. Enquiries please to

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