Beware third party traffic

| January 8, 2016

The Amateur Radio Observation Service, in conjunction with the Emerging Technology Coordination Committee, has noted a number of examples of UK amateurs operating internet linked nodes that are carrying third party traffic.

They would like to draw attention to the requirement for an NoV to the amateur’s licence under these circumstances.

Guidance for the use of personal hotspots, crossband repeaters or other similar installations can be found in Section 10 of the Amateur licence which is reproduced below with the appropriate parts highlighted:

10 Unattended and remote control operation

10(1) The Licensee may conduct Unattended Operation of Radio Equipment provided that any such operation is consistent with the terms of this Licence. Additional restrictions which apply to the Unattended Operation of Beacons are specified in Schedule 2 to this Licence.

10(3) This Clause 10 does not permit the Licensee to install Radio Equipment capable of Remote Control Operation for general unsupervised use by other Amateurs.

10(4) Any communication links used to control the Radio Equipment or to carry Messages to or from the Radio Equipment in accordance with Clause 10(2) must be adequately secure so as to ensure compliance with Clause 3 of this Licence. Any security measures must be consistent with Clause 11(2) of this Licence.

Our interpretation of this (without prejudice) is that the use of personal Hotspots et cetera is legal provided that they are for personal use only and not open for others to use. If the installation is open and carrying third party traffic then it will be considered as a repeater or gateway and will need a Notice of Variation (NoV) to your licence. NoVs will only be issued to Full Licensees in the case of repeaters and to Full Licensees and Intermediates in respect of Gateways and can be applied for at no cost through the ETCC website

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