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| August 14, 2015

As more and more communications equipment designs have adopted digital signal processing techniques, the US company Rockwell Collins has announced that it will stop manufacturing its renowned mechanical filters. It did not provide a specific date. In a mechanical filter, input and output transducers convert the electrical signal to and from resonant mechanical vibrations. Rockwell Collins makes two different types of mechanical filters, many of which have found their way into amateur radio products and applications.

This weekend the RSGB ARDF team flies out to the Czech Republic for the 20th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championships. There are four separate competitions in total. The Championships start on the 18th and there are races on the 19th, 20th and 22nd. The RSGB is fielding a team of nine runners in the M40, M50, M60, M70 and W50 categories. The best chance of a podium place is in the M50 category, which is men aged between 50 and 60, where last year’s 144MHz silver medallist at the World Championships, David, M3WDD is joined by triple RSGB Champion Andrew, G4KWQ, who posts his 50th birthday this year. The duo make a formidable combination but the class is highly competitive with a strong entry from Eastern Europe. Go to to follow the action as it happens this coming week.

Sunday will be the second day of the ever-popular International Lighthouses and Lightships weekend. Nearly 500 entrants are registered, spanning over 40 countries. Many stations will have special callsigns to listen out for, and quite a lot will be giving special QSL cards. Details are online at

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