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| August 7, 2015

The RSGB Convention takes place over 9 to 11 October at Kent’s Hill Conference Centre in Milton Keynes. The latest lecture listing is on the RSGB website. The early bird discount for weekend packages closes on 18 August, so there’s still time to book your weekend. Day tickets are also available online and until 30 September there are savings to be made. Go to for all the information.

The next British inland Waterways on the air event will be held over the August bank holiday weekend, 29 to 31 August. The event is open to all amateurs who are boaters, cyclists, walkers and other users of the canals, rivers, towpaths, riverbanks for work or recreation. Many clubs and individual amateurs put on special event stations. The primary band will be 40m. More details can be found on the BiWota Facebook page or the BiWota page on the RSGB website

A small amateur radio club based in Standish, near Wigan has lost its second venue in two years. The decision has been taken to dissolve the club and they would like to donate their equipment to any worthy club, because they are passionate about keeping the hobby alive. If there are any clubs struggling for equipment from components to radios and computers to antennas, please get in touch, via email to and please note than any donations will be based on merit, rather than first come first served.

The Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) has created the Enigma Award to honour Marian Rejewski, who broke the Enigma cipher. The event will take place from 14 to 30 August. Several special calls will be used during this event that will operate on all bands from 80m to 10m, including WARC bands. For QSOs with SN0CIPHER [guidance: S-N-zero-C-I-P-H-E-R] station, the operator will receive a cryptogram, which has to be decoded. This station will give a new cryptogram for each QSO on new band or new mode. QSOs with other special event stations will receive the decryption data necessary to decode the cryptogram. Full information can be found at

The activation of VI0ANZAC [guidance: V-I-zero-A-N-Z-A-C] on Casey Base in the Australian Antarctic Territory is due to start operation, as part of the Wireless Institute of Australia ANZAC 100 programme. Doug, VK0DMV is working at Casey Station and can only operate when his duties allow. Provisional timings can be found on the WIA website.

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