Amateur run community radio station

| March 27, 2015

Community broadcast radio station Cambridge 105 is a voluntary organisation with over 10 radio amateurs involved.

On Good Friday, 3 April, they are going back to the days of pirate radio and setting up a completely analogue studio on the Riverboat Georgina, moored on the River Cam.

The day’s music will cover the whole pirate radio era, from the sixties to early nineties when the final stations closed.

However they have also teamed up with the DARC team who took over Deutsche Welle’s short wave licence on 6070kHz and, for the duration of the broadcast, Cambridge 105 will be relayed across Europe on their 10kW transmitter in southern Germany, near Munich.

Dom, M0BLF will be managing QSL cards for any SWLs who hear them on 6070kHz on the day.

Anyone wanting to listen can do so on 105MHz FM, online, or, between 10am and 10pm on Good Friday, on 6070kHz.

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