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| January 9, 2015

On 5 January Ofcom published a consultation document on updating the Interference Regulations under the Wireless Telegraphy Act. The aim is cover any interference from modern electronic technology. The Society broadly welcomes Ofcom’s proposals although exactly how they will be put into practice and how they will benefit the amateur radio community remains to be clarified. The Society itself will respond to the consultation and is encouraging members to respond as well. The consultation closes on 16 February. The consultation documents can be found on the Ofcom website. The RSGB will be publishing guidance very shortly to help Members understand the background and implications of the proposed regulations. This will be published on the RSGB website.

DX World has announced the winners of DXpedition of the Year for 2014 and the RSGB was delighted to learn that the single-handed effort by Nigel, G3TXF operating as ZD9XF from Tristan da Cuhna was placed fifth. Top slot and outright winner was the large, professional DXpedition FT5ZM from Amsterdam Island.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union, Polish amateur radio operators will be using six special event callsigns until 30 April. Listen out for 3Z90IARU, HF90IARU, SN90IARU, SO90IARU, SP90IARU and SQ90IARU. Details of available awards are on the PZK website. A special German callsign, DJ90IARU, will also be on the air throughout 2015 to mark the 90th anniversary.

Limited testing of the FUNcube-2 435/145MHz linear transponder on the UKube-1 spacecraft has been undertaken during the recent holiday period. This testing has shown that the transponder is able to work effectively and that it is capable of a similar performance to the transponder already operating on FUNcube-1. AMSAT-UK and the FUNcube team have now submitted a detailed report on the testing to the UK Space Agency, who are the owners and prime operators of the UKube-1 spacecraft. It is expected that a meeting will be held with them late January / early February to plan possible future testing and operations.

LAMCO have announced that they are to sponsor the installation of a Yaesu Digital Fusion Repeater that will be used to replace the equipment currently in use by GB3HS at High Hunsley. This will not affect users of the GB3HS analogue service and the repeater will perform much as it does now. It will allow those users with Yaesu Fusion equipment to use a digital repeater. It will also support cross mode contacts. There will not be an internet connection, as that functionality is still in development.

Icom UK has recently redeveloped its D-Star dedicated microsite. Among the recent changes is a new support section that includes links to data files of UK D-Star repeaters and reflectors for Icom models. The page also features a link to its D-Star YouTube channel where you will find tips and tricks for some of Icom’s latest D-Star radios. Go to for more information.

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