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| December 23, 2014

Following the success of KW Days earlier in the year, it’s back again. The first weekend of January, the 3rd and 4th, marks the anniversary of Britain’s most successful amateur radio manufacturing company in 1956. Collectors, ex-employees, clubs and friends of KW will be active on AM on the VMARS channels and SSB throughout the weekend around 1.977, 3.77, 7.177 and 14.277MHz. More information on this and all things KW can be found by searching the internet for the KW Yahoo Group.

World Thinking Day on the Air on 21-22 February encourages Guides to make friendships with members of other units, using amateur radio as the means of communication. An increasing number of Guides, Guiders and Rangers go on to gain amateur radio licenses as a result. If you are planning to take part please let us know. If you’d like to get involved and want to find out more, visit the RSGB website or

Building the International Space Station took over 40 missions between 1998 and 2011, with one more piece planned for delivery in 2015. Now you can watch the whole thing come together in just a few minutes thanks to a recently released time lapse video. Go to, turn the music up and enjoy this short video on how the International Space Station was put together on orbit through the cooperation of nations worldwide.

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