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| November 28, 2014

The latest edition of The 5MHz Newsletter is now available. The Autumn 2014 edition features a number of stories, including Dominica on 5MHz, several items on WRC15, South African beacon changes and NVIS observations, Ofcom’s UK Amateur Licence Consultation, Is it getting noisier on 5MHz?, new webSDRs covering the band and GB2RS on 5MHz. It is a free download from

Chelmsford Calling is a light entertainment programme that promotes radio technology past, present & future. Produced by Jim Salmon, 2E0RMI and colleagues from the Chelmsford Calling Network, it is broadcast monthly and is also available online. More information, including frequencies and schedules, is at

As part of the Youngster on the Air month, Southport & District Amateur Radio Club is holding a Technojam on 6 December at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Ormskirk. It is principally aimed at getting youngsters interested in amateur radio but is not just about radio. There will be a Minecraft hacking workshop as well as an area devoted to the Raspberry Pi. Other activities will include radio direction finding, learning Morse code, the FUNcube satellite and getting on the air. More information is online at

NASA has announced a mini-satellite or CubeSat design contest that will see participants competing for $5 million in prize money and a chance to have their winning satellite flown to the moon by the space agency. Called the Cube Quest Challenge, the objective of the competition is to design, build and deliver to NASA a flight-qualified small satellite, or CubeSat capable of advanced research in the vicinity of our moon and beyond. Full information about the completion including entry requirements are at

The Five Bridges Cluster of clubs gave a presentation at the RSGB Convention Training Forum. They made a number of recommendations for changes to national exam administration policy and the RSGB Training & Education Committee will consult the ‘user’ community on the proposals. Every Exam Secretary will be receiving a copy of the Five Bridges Report, a Consultation Document from the RSGB TEC and gain access to an online survey. The survey will close on 4th January. Exam Secretaries are asked to consult with their training teams, Registered Assessors and Invigilators before responding to the survey. All Exam Centres are strongly encouraged to let us know their views. If your Exam Secretary has not received a copy of the consultation pack by 8th December, please contact Any other questions should be addressed to

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