ARDF World Championships 2014

| August 29, 2014

17th ARDF World Championships 2014

The 17th ARDF World Championships are being held in Kazakhstan next week.

The RSGB team of nine, all of whom are self-funded, flies out next Friday next to take part.

The age categories are generally 10 years in duration and the number quoted is the age that a person enters the age group.

This year our team has no ladies.

We have one runner in M21, three in M40, two in M50, one in M60 and two in M70 as well as teams in the M40, M50 and M70 competitions.

There are two classic races, that is five transmitters spaced well apart in forested terrain.

These are followed by the fast and furious sprint event in which 10 transmitters are deployed and the winning times are likely to be around 20 minutes.

The older age groups do not have to find all the transmitters that are set out.

The final competition is Foxoring that uses extremely low power transmitters placed either inside or close to a circle printed on the map.

The first race is on Monday the 8 September with the remaining three races between the 10 and 12.

To follow the action, check out the website at

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