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| June 13, 2014

On Monday, 9 June, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was shown equipment developed in 2012 by Dave Akerman, M0RPI. The Raspberry Pi payload he developed transmitted slow scan digital video on 434MHz from a high altitude balloon that achieved an altitude of over 30km and had a radio range of up to 700km. For the full story see

To mark the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, special event stations will be on the air until the end of July. Also, listen for special World Cup-related prefixes. Twelve stations are on the air with ZX14 prefixes and 15 other stations are using the prefix ZY14. For an award, work four key stations, five special stations and 25 other stations from Brazil for the bronze level award. Silver and Gold awards are also available. For more information go to

The RSGB’s IOTA programme is celebrating its 50th anniversary at a conference at Beaumont House, Windsor on 4 to 6 July. Following the opening by RSGB President, John Gould, G3WKL, the first talk is by Ghis Penny, ON5NT on the CW5F DXpedition to Timoteo Dominguez Island. There are almost 100 guests already booked for the Saturday Gala Dinner, with overseas guests featuring prominently and 20 countries and 5 continents are represented. Anyone considering attending as a day visitor should note that pre-booked tickets from attract savings over those on the day.

There are several ways for radio amateurs to enjoy GB2RS. As well as the regular Sunday broadcasts from a host of volunteers, to whom the RSGB is most grateful, you can also read the news online, have it delivered to your e-mail or download the Podbean Podcast provided by Jeremy Boot, G4NJH. Now you can also receive the news via the streaming news service from TX Factor called TX Talk. Look out for the podcast each week uploaded to both iTunes and the lounge as well as on TX Factor is a brand new series of high definition TV shows covering all aspects of the hobby and information can be found at

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