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| May 30, 2014

Several international special event stations will be on the air to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day as well as those in the UK detailed later in the news. More than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft were involved at the time. In France, TM70JUN will be on the air from 6 to 20 June. Modes will be SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY and JT65 on HF and 6m. Special event station TM70BMC will operate from Mont Canisy on 5 to 8 June. W9D will be active on SSB, CW, and AM on HF to 6m on 6 to 8 June from the First Division War Museum in Winfield, Illinois. Finally, VC3JUNO will be on the air from 6 June to 31 July from Canada. Juno was the code name for the beach where Canadian forces landed.

To celebrate Museum Ships Weekend, on 7 and 8 June, IY4EY will be on the air near to Marconi’s yacht Elettra that is kept at the Museum of Villa Griffone in Bologna, Italy. The vessel was launched 110 years ago and the event aims to highlight the historical value of Elettra, which was the mobile laboratory of Marconi. Many important experiments were carried out on board. The event is supported by Princess Elettra Marconi and her son. More details at

The ARRL’s DXCC desk has announced that the ZA/IZ4JMA 2013 and 2014 operations from Albania and the 2014 XW7T operation from Laos have both been approved for DXCC credit.

Looking ahead, Churches and Chapels on the Air is scheduled to take place on 13 September. Organiser John, G3XYF has asked all those taking part to register their stations with him, by e-mail to

Another new event is Boat Lifts on the Air. The Mid Cheshire club is close to the Anderton Boat Lift and contacted clubs around Europe who also were in similar locations. So far three stations will be joining GB0ABL on the air on 14 September, including two from Germany and one from Poland. The inaugural event will use the 40m band primarily for SSB, the 30m band primarily for data and CW and the 20m band as secondary for all modes.

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