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| March 21, 2014

SOS Radio Week in January saw many stations on the air raising money for the RNLI. If you worked one of the stations, don’t forget to apply for the Worked SOS Radio Week award. Full details can be found on the website, Over £16,000 has been raised to date and the RNLI have asked whether the amateur radio community may be able to help with a forthcoming event they are running. Over the first bank holiday weekend in May, the RNLI will be running Mayday, four days of fun-filled activities to raise money and awareness for the RNLI. With this in mind, the SOS Radio Week Management Team has come with the idea of RNLI on the Air weekend. Anyone interested in taking part in ROAR should contact the event coordinator, Derek Hughes, G7LFC, via

Denby Dale ARS will once again be coordinating the annual Mills On The Air event over the weekend of 10 and 11 May. Full details of how to register, the stations taking part and how to claim a certificate are shown on DDARS website. If you would like to take part by running a station at a wind- or watermill or even an ancient steam driven mill, ask if they are taking part and would they like to have an amateur radio station as part of their event to promote awareness of the mill.

Stations around the world will be on the air for International Marconi Day on Saturday 26 April. It is not a contest; instead, it is an opportunity to make contact with historic Marconi locations around the world. Over 20 have confirmed to date, including GB4IMD at Poldhu and VO1AA in Newfoundland. Certificates are available for those who work the requisite number of sites. All stations planning to participate are urged to register in advance, and full details are at

Due to the falling membership, the Leicestershire Repeater Group has taken the decision to limit the hours of operation of the repeaters GB3CF, GB3GV, GB3LE and GB3UM to conserve funds. As a result, the repeaters are now switched off overnight between 10pm and 5am. The beacons GB3LEX and GB3LES continue to operate 24 hours a day. For further information or to join or donate to the group, see the website at

Rotherham has two radio nodes run by Bert, G4NJI. The first is an IRLP node on 145.2875MHz with a CTCSS tone of 71.9 and node number of 5200, Echolink number 135909. He also runs an Allstar node on 431.125MHz with a CTCSS tone of 71.9. The Allstar node number is 29368. Both modes are attracting an interesting number of contacts.

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