Ofcom presents at the National Hamfest

| September 27, 2013

Paul Jarvis, Ofcom, addressed the National Hamfest on the subject of their planned Licence Review in order to hear feedback from those at the event. The RSGB has been engaging with Ofcom in their early thinking on various aspects of the Licence Review, and was pleased to see a number of areas included that will support the development of amateur radio. Whilst Ofcom are keen to emphasise that radical change is not a part of their agenda, the Society wants to ensure that certain aspects of clarification of current licence conditions are not detrimental to the interests of its members. Paul Jarvis emphasised that whilst he was keen to get feedback from those present at the Hamfest, Ofcom was not staffed to enter into dialogue at this stage, but that there would be ample opportunity for all to comment once the consultation was launched next year. Members will have another opportunity to listen and speak with Paul at the forthcoming RSGB Convention, as well as participate in Litmus Tests on some of the issues likely to be included in the Licence Review.

Category: GB2RS Headlines