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| April 14, 2013

RSGB amateur radio presentation at Ofcom

On Thursday, the RSGB gave a presentation to staff at Ofcom entitled the RSGB’s first 100 years. It celebrated the history of the Society, its relationship with the regulator and what amateur radio can achieve in today’s world. After the talk, which was presented by Jim Lee, G4AEH, Ofcom’s Head of Business Radio, Paul Jarvis, thanked the Society for the presentation and said it showed the amateur hobby in an excellent light.

RAIBC committee ballot results

On Tuesday 9 April, the count took place for the re-establishment of the RAIBC committee. The ballot was overseen and conducted by the RSGB. Brian Tuffill was elected Chairman and Terry Baldwin was appointed equipment manager with Mr Maunder and Mr Watts elected as Committee Members. The count was conducted by Carlos Eavis, G3VHF and Mark Allgar, M1MPA from the RSGB staff and an independent scrutiniser Bill Pyle, G8IAY. The RAIBC were represented by Terry Baldwin who took no part in the count process.

Reports from IARU monitoring newsletter

The latest Region One IARU Monitoring System newsletter reports a Russian over the horizon radar has been transmitting between 3.555 to 3.590 and 3.750 to 3.785MHz. The signal is always 35kHz wide with its location believed to be in the area of Makhachkala in the Caspian Sea. A letter has been sent to the Russian Radio Society asking for assistance in ending the operation of this radar system. An Iran based over the horizon radar has been interfering with amateur radio operations on the 10m band. This radar is on the air daily on 28.000 to 29.700MHz transmitting bursts that are 60kHz wide. The splatter from the signal often covers spectrum 500kHz or more in bandwidth. The German Department of Post and Telecommunications has sent an official complaint to its counterpart in Iran. The Dutch Datawell buoys are still operating illegally on 10 meters. If you happen across signals in the amateur radio bands that you know do not belong there, please send a report to the Intruder Watch Coordinator for the nation that you live in, see for more information.

Irish radio museum to celebrate International Marconi Day

The Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio will be celebrating International Marconi Day and the tower will be open from 11am to 4pm. The callsign will be EI0MAR. The tower was the site for an experimental Marconi Station in 1905. All visitors are welcome, licensed amateurs, SWLs and anyone with an interest in radio. The museum is located in the Martello Towel, Howth Harbour, Fingal, County Dublin.

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