Spectrum Pressure Continues

| April 7, 2013

The Ofcom 4G auction has now concluded and raised £2.4bn. However inexorable demand now requires further spectrum for 5G and one of the topics for WRC-15 is additional spectrum for mobile broadband. Ofcom is consulting on potential bands for this, largely within the 400MHz to 6GHz range, with a deadline of 29 April. The RSGB is liaising with Ofcom in order to enhance their familiarity with amateur microwave activity and protect ATV and narrowband users. The recruitment of Noel Matthews, G8GTZ from BATC to RSGB-ETCC for ATV matters adds to our volunteer base for the effort involved. A background article on ‘Spectrum Release’ was featured in the January edition of RadCom and is now available as a download on the RSGB band plan web page.

Category: GB2RS Headlines