GB2RS News, Sunday 10 March 2013

| March 8, 2013

Rob, M0VFC wins the Cass Award

rob-chipperfield-cassThe Cass Award encourages DXpeditions to maximise the number of unique contacts made. It comes with a $1000 prize for the single-operator DXpedition that works the most unique callsigns within a 4-week period. This award honours the wisdom and spirit of Cass, WA6AUD, after whom this new award was named. The first winner of this award is Rob Chipperfield, M0VFC. From the remote South Atlantic island of Tristan Da Cunha as ZD9UW in October 2012, Rob worked 3,362 unique stations over his 4-day DXpedition, demonstrating an outstanding effort to log as many individuals as possible. Michael, G7VJR presented Rob with his plaque and prize in Cambridge, England on 7 March. Many of you will remember that Rob returned from his DXpedition and came straight to the HF Convention to give a much enjoyed talk to delegates, it was standing room only. Well done Rob.

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