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| March 1, 2013

OSSI-1 CubeSat frequencies announced

The IARU amateur radio satellite frequency coordination panel has announced the frequencies for the OSSI-1 CubeSat developed by Hojun Song, DS1SBO. It has a beacon in the 145MHz band, a data communications transceiver in the 437MHz band and carries a 44 watt LED optical beacon to flash Morse code messages to observers on Earth. The IARU coordinated frequencies are for a downlink on 145.980MHz and an uplink/downlink on 437.525MHz. OSSI-1 is planned to launch on 19 April into a 575km 64.9° inclination orbit.

Commonwealth Contest: win a Centenary morse key

The Commonwealth Contest takes place on 9 and 10 March and the RSGB have donated one of the Centenary Keys for the prize draw. All stations that enter the contest and make at least 75 good QSOs after adjudication are entered into the free prize draw. This is a 24hour CW contest on the 10 to 80m bands. The exchange is simply a report and serial number and there is free software to make the logging, sending and entry very easy. Only QSOs between call areas in the Commonwealth count, so have a look at the call area list in the rules. Check out the website at

South Pole 6m beacon on the air

A new 6m beacon should now be on the air from near to the South Pole. Craig Hayhow, VK0JJJ from Mawson Base in Antarctica is reported to have brought with him a beacon transmitter with the callsign VK0RTM that is now operational on 50.300MHz. The VK0RTM transmitter runs 50 watts. The beacon will not be the only 6m meter coming to the air. While at Mawson Station for about 12 months, Hayhow plans to be active on all bands from 6m to 80m with priority given to 6m band operation.

4S7DXG and 8Q7VR approved for DXCC credit

The Sri Lanka 4S7DXG and Maldives 8Q7VR operations in 2008 and 2011 have been approved for DXCC credit. If you had a request rejected for contacts with these dates only, send an e-mail to to be put on the list for an update. Contacts before or after these periods cannot be accepted.

Iranian OTHR interfering with 10m band

The Over The Horizon Radar from Iran is daily transmitting on our 10m band, often long lasting on 28.245MHz. You can hear a high and a low tone, corresponding to the sweep rates of 870 and 307 sweeps per sec. The system is about 60kHz wide, the splatters are covering ±250kHz. The Austrian, Dutch, Swiss and German PTTs have been informed.

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