GB2RS News for Sunday, 21 October 2012

| October 21, 2012

EGM and ballot montageRSGB Extraordinary General Meeting

RSGB Members are now receiving their copy of the November 2012 RadCom. Contained with in it are details of the EGM to be held on 17 November 2012, at which Members will be invited to vote on new governance arrangements for the Society. RSGB Members can vote electronically via the RSGB website at [LINK TO OLD SITE], by post or in person at the EGM. The Board is very keen to ensure that the outcome of the EGM accurately reflects the view of the whole membership, and all Members are encouraged to cast their vote.

Is it time to validate your licence?

If you received your Licence for Life between November 2006 and August 2007 and have not validated it with Ofcom since, then it’s time to do so. Ofcom extended the validation period of licences issued during that time for an extra year, to avoid having a large number of validations to process around the time of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. Amateurs are recommended to use the online licensing system at If you experience difficulties or need assistance in processing your licence online, please call Ofcom on 0300 123 1000 or 020 7981 3131.

G6 QSL Manager details incorrect in RadCom

The QSL bureau wishes to apologise to Tony, G6GLP, for any inconvenience caused by wrongly attributing his name and call to the G6 sub-series in the November issue of RadCom. The new collection sub-manager for the G6 series of call signs is Steve Wellon, G6DMG. His details can be found on the RSGB website by following the links to QSL managers, via the Operating section. If any Member is concerned that they may have recently sent collection envelopes to the wrong address, please contact the QSL bureau. The phone number is 01422 359 362, or email

Also in GB2RS this week

Flood alert puts Essex RAYNET on standby

At 6pm last Sunday the Emergency Planning Officer from Maldon District Council requested Essex RAYNET to be placed on standby, in response to flood alerts issued by the Environment Agency. At 8pm, members were mobilised. They were deployed to the riverbanks at Heybridge Basin, Fulbridge and the Hythe in Maldon. This was in preparation for the high tide and tidal surge due at quarter to one in the morning. High tide was reached without any significant incident, and the stand down was issued at 1am. Further information on Essex RAYNET can be found online at

Argentinean amateurs launch high-altitude balloon project

An amateur radio balloon project launched in May finally ended this month with the recovery of the payload. Argentinean amateurs, members of AMSAT-LU, launched a high altitude balloon on 19 May from La Pampa, Argentina. The payload included a 70cm to 2m 4W FM repeater, live SSTV, an HF beacon and two video cameras. During the 4 hour flight, over 200 stations made contacts through the repeater. The balloon came down in an isolated and flooded area. It was finally recovered from the mud by a 4×4 adventure group on 6 October. The flight data was retrieved, including over 6 hours of video from the two cameras. Details can be found at

Historic Alexanderson transmitter to go on air for United Nations Day

The famous Alexanderson SAQ CW transmitter will be on the air on 24 October, celebrating United Nations Day. The electromechanical 17.2kHz transmitter will be started at 1010UTC and a message will be sent at 1030UTC. More details are on the Alexanderson website,

Ofcom to legalise AM and SSB CB apparatus

Ofcom has announced that it intends to legalise AM and SSB CB apparatus, subject to the MOD agreeing to the use of spectrum allocated to it. According to the statement on the Ofcom website, the relevant ECC Decision about harmonising CB across Europe should probably be implemented in the UK by the end of 2013. The statement indicates that there are several legislative and other steps that must first be carried out. It also points out that, until these changes are implemented, it will remain an offence to install or use AM, SSB or any other CB apparatus other than in accordance with the current exemption regulations and Interface Requirement. The full Ofcom statement is at

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