GB2RS News Script for 19 November 2023

| November 17, 2023

Tap or click either link below to download this week’s GB2RS news script

Note to all GB2RS News Readers – change to GB2RS news script file type

From the 5 November 2023 edition the GB2RS news script will be produced in the current Microsoft Word file type with the .docx file extension. This will have no effect on the usability of the file whatsoever unless you are using a pre-2007 version of Microsoft Word or a very limited number of other older wordprocessing applications.

This broadcast (17 November 2023) will be the last edition to be produced in the .doc format, after which the script will only be available in .docx format.  If you haven’t tried the .docx version yet, we strongly suggest you do so this week, so we can advise you further in the unlikely event of any issues with this format and your computer and software. In the event there is any issue, please let the IT Helpdesk know by posting a support ticket at

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