Nominated Director vacancy

| March 17, 2023

The resignation of Richard Horton, G4AOJ has left a Board vacancy for a Nominated Director. In accordance with the Society’s usual policy, we are requesting expressions of interest in this role.

What would you have to do?

All Board Directors are expected to attend Board meetings virtually, or occasionally in person, and attendance at amateur radio events is helpful. There’s also a fair amount of work to be done between meetings, usually from home in the evenings/weekends.

The RSGB is a medium-sized membership-based Society with business akin to that of a SME, with 18, mostly part-time, paid staff and hundreds of volunteers. It has a turnover of around £1.5m and assets in excess of £1m.

I am looking for candidates with experience of management in similar or larger-sized organisations in private, charity or public sectors. The Society needs to embrace new methods of working and service delivery to help meet the changing needs of the amateur community. Candidates with experience of this and of change management would be welcomed.

If I have held your interest so far, then email me at  I can then explore with you what you could deliver for the RSGB – and for the wider amateur radio community.

But let’s be clear – the RSGB (and therefore amateur radio) needs a strong and effective Board. The Society can only do what the Board directs it to do; this could be your opportunity to influence that.

The closing date is 17 April 2023.

Stephen Purser, GW4SHF
RSGB Nominations Committee Chair

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