WRC-19 Day-20: And Finally!

| November 22, 2019

Friday, 22 November saw WRC-19 conclude its month long biggest ever conference. Many of the 3,300 delegates had started to travel home even before the release of the ‘Provisional Final Acts’ and closing ceremony.

The ITU website has released the provisional acts as a huge 567-page PDF document – a tribute to the hardworking editorial and translation teams at the conference. These provisional acts are due to come into force on 1 January 2021, so no early changes are currently expected in practice.

Highlights for amateur radio include:-

AI-1.1: 50 MHz for Region-1 has been a remarkably successful result considering the diverse position and challenges faced over the years in preparatory studies. Our Thursday (Day-19) update had most of the 50MHz highlights, whilst the full and quite complex detail of the changes is now available below, including all the countries with primary status

AI-1.7: Small Satellites which are increasingly commercial have been granted access to the space operations bands at 137/149MHz away from amateur allocations

AI-1.13: High frequency 5G Mobile will not change our status in 47 GHz and has masks that should protect amateur and critical passive services at 24GHz and just below

AI-1.15: 275-450 GHz – access preserved via footnote 5.565

AI-1.16: 5 GHz Wi-Fi will see most expansion below amateur radio in the 5150-5250 MHz band, reducing its impact on our 5725-5850 MHz range

AI-8: Footnotes – an upgrade saw Brazil and few other South American countries achieve Primary status in 430MHz for the amateur service on a national basis. Iran withdrew its name from the 136 kHz restrictions

AI-9.1.6: Wireless Power – No Change to the radio regulations, but a welcome guidance note in the minutes to guide further studies

AI-10 Future Agenda: Better scoping of the WRC-23 study item that will review 1240-1300 MHz (Galileo receiver protection etc), as well as mitigation or deferral of some other items of concern

Extracts from the ITU WRC-19 Provisional Final Acts:

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And Finally…

The RSGB Spectrum Forum will also discuss this in it annual meeting set for Saturday November 30:-



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