WRC-19 Day-13+14: IARU Features and Waits

| November 14, 2019

WRC-19 like any major international conference has news and media associated with it. The ITU have a TV Studio at the venue for interviews –  including one with IARU President Tim Ellam VE6SH which is now available on YouTube.

The IARU summary position has also featured in an ITU news release:-


Meanwhile there has been slow progress on a number of items of interest (from railway frequencies, to 5GHz Wi-Fi and Short-duration small satellites). Agreement remains elusive on many topics, despite the clock counting down. The latest is:-

AI-1.1 for 50 MHz is held up by a hitch that caused it to miss its first plenary slot on Wednesday. Given the hold ups on other items that will cause time pressure next week, missing this Week-3 opportunity was somewhat disappointing.

AI-1.15 for >275 GHz on the other hand was luckier and reached its first plenary reading. The solution aligns well with CEPT and amateur interests. There will be a new footnote for fixed and mobile applications, but it leaves other applications under RR5.565 unimpeded (though there is a proposal for more applications under AI-10).

AI-10 Future Agenda Items: Working Group 6B is gradually assembling a long list of over 30 proposals for Committee 6 (COM6) to consider. However with time ticking away, various approaches are being suggested to whittle them down to a number that both administrations can be comfortable with –  and the ITU-R process and its Study Groups can realistically resource, in the run up to WRC-23 (and some preliminary items for WRC-27).

The prime concern is with the 23cm/Galileo proposal, but there are others which may be of concern across the spectrum, from HF to >275GHz. As noted in the IARU position, no new amateur bands are being proposed for WRC-23; rather the emphasis is on spectrum defence.



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