WRC-19 Day-4: Consensus, or Not

| October 31, 2019

WRC-19 takes decisions based on consensus rather than votes. Day 4, Thursday October 31st provided a few examples of the extremes, of when views converge, or not.

Wireless Power for electric vehicles (WPT-EV) managed to reach consensus on one of its core regulatory aspects. Subject to finalisation, ‘No Change’ will be made to the ITU Radio Regulations in line with all submissions by various countries – a remarkably quick consensus result, for a topic of significant attention to amateur radio.

This means in practice that WPT will not have a new ISM band in the kHz range created for it (which would have impacted the status of  existing radio services). So WPT is a little unusual from a regulatory viewpoint – it is being treated as a radio application, rather than a radio service (and not merely as a EMC issue).  A variety of ITU-R reports and recommendations guide its frequencies and hopefully in due course its unwanted emissions. The remit for these is an ITU-R Question that has been recently updated:-

Elsewhere during the day, this author witnessed strongly held/opposing views on other items inc AI-4 (ITU Resolutions Review), AI-1.15 Frequencies >275 GHz, and a difficult few sessions on 50 MHz. The latter is to have a weekend session scheduled to make some progress as consensus is not in reach at present.

In other news:-

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