WRC-19 Day-3: kHz, MHz and GHz

| October 31, 2019

Amateur radio interests at WRC-19 span an amazing range of frequencies and applications from kHz to GHz.

Day-3 saw the start of the Wireless Power Transmission topic. Agenda Item 9.1.6, specifically considers its high power use for charging electric vehicles, termed WPT-EV. Whilst it operates at relatively low frequencies such as 19-21 or 79-90 kHz, the kilowatts involved and nature of the switch-mode electronics create significant concerns regarding spurious emissions from its harmonics that may range up to HF.

Meanwhile at VHF, 50 MHz started its second session, where the challenges arising from the variety of contributions and the need to protect other radio services was the focus. Harmonising the band (somehow) is a key IARU goal that keeps its volunteers really busy!

IARU delegate David Court EI3IO / G3SDLIARU rep David Court EI3IO / G3SDL

Up in the millimetre-wave bands, future 5G frequencies are a real headline item. One of the harder aspects is on either side of the amateur 24 GHz allocation. This is where the 5G at 24.25 GHz (and above) needs to minimise out of band emissions affecting weather and Climate Change sensors just below 24 GHz, as you can read on this recent BBC article:-



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