WRC-19 Day-2: The real work begins, inc 50 MHz

| October 29, 2019

Following Monday’s opening, the second day saw most committees and sub-working groups stood up and many agenda items having their documents introduced.

First thing of particular interest to amateur radio, was the release of two documents:-

  • The official information document on IARU WRC-19 Positions across various current agenda items and views on future proposals that may impact the amateur service (esp in 23cms)
  • The public release of the 50 MHz detailed study report ITU-R M.2478 which provides the detailed basis for considerations for Agenda Item 1.1 for the 50-54 MHz band in Region-1. In addition to classical narrowband analogue usage,  it considers highly innovative wider bandwidth digital systems.

The afternoon then saw the first dedicated and surprisingly crowded session for AI-1.1, chaired by the hugely experienced Dales Hughes VK1DSH. The various proposals range from no allocation or just 200 kHz, up to the full 50-54 MHz; and were introduced by various countries or regional organisations (inc RCC, CEPT, ATU), for considering in depth in future working group meetings.

A crowded session for the start of 50 MHz – with Dale VK1DSH on the podium chairing

 The final sessions included the first consideration of AI-1.13 for future 5G mmWave spectrum for mobile broadband. The wide scope of this headline agenda item has created concerns in or adjacent to our 24 GHz, 47 GHz and 76/81 GHz allocations. Subject to a lengthy process, the initial signs look promising.

The start of the detailed 5G Spectrum discussions in the 24-86 GHz range


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